Behind the Scenes

The Story – Meet Elisabietta

How it all started ?

With just one girl, who’s a dreamer but also an achiever. Nice meeting you, I’m Elsbeth – the dreamer and founder of Elisabietta!

Now, how did I get this whole shoe idea? Today, we all live in a fast-paced world and we’re always on the go! To work, to college, to go out, to catch up with our friends and family, to exotic destinations, … 

Fast-paced world

Adding to that, when I lived in Amsterdam and London I very soon realised that going around in flat shoes is way more comfortable and fun than in high heels! And so the idea around the shoes, and with that a lifestyle, was created in my mind.

My love and passion for classic and comfortable flat shoes grew stronger over the years and Elisabietta was born in 2017. From a dream to a very own shoe label. Boom!

What’s in the name?

I get that question a lot! Well, Elisabietta is a mixture of my two names: Elsbeth and Elizabeth. It also represents what my brand stands for: durable, classy but comfortable and affordable. And freedom, justice and equal rights. What we mean with that? Read all about it HERE!

WHAT we stand for

Stunning and comfortable footwear! At Elisabietta we are driven to create beautiful footwear that is of high quality, sustainable and ethically made. Our flats are sophisticatedly crafted by handpicked shoemakers in Portugal, the home of traditional footwear. I’m in love with this country and with its kindest and most hospitable people. What an awesome place!

Sustainable materials 

In terms of materials, with our shoemakers we only work with the best Spanish and Italian leather and suedes. We strike a balance between style and comfort, handcrafting our footwear using traditional techniques combined with a modern flair. Resulting in our flats all being unique, providing you with comfort and durability.

We go for timeless footwear that is stylish but also affordable. No compromises, we women deserve both!

Our Mission and Vision 

We’re so on a mission to offer you a level of high quality, care and attention to detail. Both in our designs and service that is not available in most high street chains. We really want you to feel at home with us and looked after. To feel part of our journey.

And when wearing your flats to any occasion for you to look elegant and to experience comfort. All day, everyday! Our shoes tell everyone around us who we are. They reflect our personality. We envision you to feel YOU in our shoes, for you to express your personal and unique style.

Not just shoes!

And … we are not just about shoes. But also all about a woman’s dream. What do I mean with that? Every woman has a dream. But realising these dreams is not always as self-evident for every woman. We, as women, can help each other to pursue our dreams.

That’s why I want to encourage different girls and women worldwide to use their talent and I want to listen to their voice. I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to realise her dreams and to use her talent. I’m here to help them to pursue their dreams! 

Thank you so much for joining me on this wild journey of fashion and dreams; I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Elsbeth – Founder & Creative Director xxx

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