A Woman's Dream

A Woman’s Dream

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We all have a dream! 

I am a woman. A woman with a dream. A dreamer, but also an achiever. My dream for every woman: to look amazing on classic, durable flats. The ultimate dream: a shoe label.

Through my label I motivate and support women who are limited in their ambitions because of a variety of social and cultural pressures. Through fashion we connect.

Women Empowerment

Every woman has a dream. We, as women, can help each other to pursue our dreams. That’s why we want to encourage different girls and women worldwide to use their talent and we want to listen to their voice.

We can encourage each other to pursue our dreams. In this way, we aim to help women realise their career and fulfill her dreams. Let’s empower each other!


If you have a dream as a woman, you should not be held back by the pressure of society or the position you are in. Yet, this is not possible for every woman where obstacles and social pressures can sometimes hinder the pursuit of these dreams. We are therefore committed to helping these women to fulfill her dreams: Every woman is full of ambition, but has not always the freedom to fully participate in society and develop her talents optimally.

Dream BIG

But realising these dreams is not always as self-evident for every woman. We, women, dream big. And that’s why we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to realise her dreams and to use her talent. Either small or big dreams, they make us tick every single day. Even in uncertain times.

Now tell me! What is your dream? 

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

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