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Meet Martine

meet martine

Let’s do something different!

Meet Martine! My best friend’s sister who I’ve known since she was little. A true fighter for justice, equality and women’s rights. Martine was trained to be a life coach to help you to live your best life and to realise your dreams . “I’m very conscious about anything sustainable and live by that. So when I fell pregnant and was showered with baby gifts I wanted to do something different. I was lucky enough to be born in a safe and wealthy country, the Netherlands. Happiness is better when shared. I decided to ask people to donate presents. Baby items that they might give to me and my baby to a woman in Namibia through a great foundation called MommaLuv (@mommaluv.nl). I have so much already so how great is it to share?”


Martine told me about this beautiful foundation who connects pregnant women with pregnant women in developing countries. Women who are due around the same time. These women are often worried about providing their newborns with basic care such as food, clothing and medication. So rather than receiving baby gifts from family and friends you ask them to donate to MommoLuv. They make sure these women receive a package with all needed products so their little ones are off to a great start. How amazing is that! I absolutely love the founder’s concept ❤️ #spreadthemommaluv

Find your passion 

Martine added: “You don’t have to change the entire world. Just find something you’re passionate about and share you’re happiness wherever you can. There are always inspiring role models, no need to figure everything out yourself. Alone might be faster, together you get to go further.” Martine’s baby girl was born early September and both mum and baby are doing really well!

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