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Meet Shehar – PMPMom

Meet Shehar PMPMom

We all have a dream! 

A WOMAN’S DREAM – meet Shehar! We met on the Doha events scene and I instantly was drawn to Shehar’s warm personality. She’s the kindest soul with such a big and the most caring heart. She has many great skills such as photography. When my latest shoe collection came out I asked Shehar if she wanted to do the photoshoot with me. She said yes!! I felt so honoured.

We met at her beautiful and cosy home and decided it was the perfect, classic scene for my shoes. At that time Shehar was full on writing and shooting images for her recipe book and that’s what her dream is all about! Creating a recipe book in honour of her mum and her family. It’s a very emotional tribute. It was devastating when covid-19 turned her book launch upside down. But she totally pulled it off and still launched during the pandemic. In her very own garden, in a very intimate environment with her loved ones by her side. Both near and far. 

Who is Shehar 

Before launching her personal blog and developing her recipe book Shehar had a high profile banking career. But going on a self-discovery journey she found her purpose – adding value to people’s lives. Her blog has given her new dreams! And a useful member of society by sharing her skills on her platform. 

Shehar contributes to magazines such as Doha Family Magazine and Gulf Times. Her motivation comes from within herself. “I thrive on creative energy so whether it’s creating a new visual through photography, or writing a new piece or stirring up something in the kitchen.. I think the drive to create and learn new things keeps me afloat.” 


But her biggest passion project is photographing and writing ‘Virsa – A Culinary Journey from Agra to Karachi’. When doing the shoot I saw all the emotions and passion in Shehar’s eyes! A dream coming alive. And her dream did come alive. After the launch it instantly took off and her book flew and are still flying off the shelves! With the cherry on the cake, she was rewarded with the ‘Gourmand Award Sticker’! 

If you’re not yet following Shehar @thepmpmom do so now to get inspired by her recipes and her journey! Keep dreaming big 💛

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