A Woman's Dream

Meet Meenu

Meet Meenu

Break the stereotype and come forward! 

Meet Meenu, Dean Academics & Co-Director Istituto Di Moda Burgo – the 1st Italian Fashion School in Qatar. She invited me over to donate shoes and to get herself a pair of Elisabietta’s. Meenu is full of energy and bubbling with ideas! She loves other people’s dreams and is there for you to make them come true! In her home country there’s also so many talented women but due to the lack of confidence and other constrains they are deprived to progress their dreams. Her message to them is to break the stereotype and to come forward.

Have a positive attitude 

Meenu herself is full of dreams and when she feels set back she just keeps on moving. She learned consistency is very crucial to live up your dreams and a positive attitude and nature of accepting criticism wins you in the last. She thrives running the fashion school as it’s a platform for those whose dream is to be a creative and whose passion it is to set up their own fashion business. She’s there to help you realise your dreams!

Always carry self-confidence

Meenu’s advice is you always carry self-confidence, a positive attitude and the ability to take decisions and face challenges. No matter what never stop thinking big or stop hiding something which is really precious in ourselves. She feels all big things happen when we start sharing our life with so many strange connecting bonds. So true! Thank you Meenu! I was very proud to be part of the school’s abaya making workshop last year which is run by the amazing fashion designer and expert Vida Afshar @vidaafshar_mezon who will teach abaya making techniques. 

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