The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. Also, most clothes and shoes are made in places where workers’ rights are nonexistent. At Elisabietta, we do things differently where we take responsibility for our planet and its people. We closely work with our suppliers and producers to ensure sustainable and ethical practices are followed throughout. And together, we are constantly improving these practices. And that’s how we get a little greener every single day! Step by step.


The global fashion industry is great at employing women. But too often these women are paid low wages, subject to unsafe conditions and harassment. We are committed to only working with partners who provide safe working conditions and pay fair wages - so these women workers are able to provide for their families’ basic needs – including housing, food, education and healthcare.
suppliers and producers


From our fabric suppliers to our producers who make our shoes and accessories, we take huge pride in working with small and female run businesses. Companies who look after their staff in a fair and safe way. We are in close and regular contact with our partners to make sure the staff's working conditions are fair and safe and at the same time to maintain a high quality of our collections.


We are committed to using the best materials in our collections that is in compliance with our environmental and social responsibilities for sustainable global development. We work with suppliers to promote the continuous improvement of our products using sustainable materials. For our shoes, our supplier is members with the Leather Working Group that develops and maintains an environmental protection protocol that assesses the environmental management and compliance of leather, while promoting sustainable environmental and business practices.
supply chain transparency


We take transparency and traceability in our supply chain very seriously. From where our materials come from to who made our collections, we are open and transparent. We in are close partnership with our suppliers and producers to know every aspect from start to finish ensuring that quality, safety, and ethical standards are met. #whomademyclothes
sustainable packaging


We consider the world around us in everything we do and with our sustainable packaging we look to reduce our environmental footprint. Step by step we contribute to a greener planet. Our packaging is designed in a way that it can be reused. The dust bags are made of sustainable cotton, hand-stitched with love. Ideal for optimal storage and to take with you on your travels.
shoe donating


Each year roughly 300 million pairs of shoes end up in our landfills. One of the main reasons why we created our Shoes for Dreams campaign is to reduce this high number and to contribute to the fashion circular economy. Through the campaign we collect preloved shoes which we donate to women affected by the current COVID-19 situation. Send us an email at for drop off/pick up details.

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We’re building a global community to support women to achieve economic independence and to feel empowered through our fashion projects. By way of fashion we connect, pursue our dreams and live in freedom.

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