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Who We Are

Elisabietta was established in 2017, when I decided to turn my love and passion for ballet flats into a business idea. My love for flat shoes started when I first moved to London, the UK in 1998. Walking the streets of London and commuting to and from work is more comfortable and fun in flats than in high heels.

Our collection offers you an exciting variety of ballet flats that best suits your personal and unique style!

What’s in the name!

Elisabietta is a mixture of my two names, Elsbeth and Elizabeth. It also represents what the brand stands for: high quality, classy and fun. But also freedom, justice and equal rights. Based on these values I set up the Elisabietta Foundation.

Giving back to the community 

At Elisabietta we want to give back to the community. With every pair of flats and any of our accessories purchased, we will help women to still pursue their dreams. How? Through empowerment, education
and entrepreneurship. In my home country the Netherlands women & girls have access to education and with that job opportunities so they can be independent. To aim high, and to have a say in this world.

Unfortunately that’s not the case in many other parts of the world. For many women their only chance to a better life is to become a domestic worker, to work for another family to be able to support their own.
Therefore we are not just shoes & accessories! We are also fighters and facilitators to give these amazing domestic workers a voice and their dignity. That they are properly prepared before they leave home and in the right headspace when they are in their host country. So they can reach high. And pursue their dreams.

To achieve this goal we set up the Elisabietta Foundation. Through which we generate the funding for empowerment, entrepreneurship and education. We do this in different ways. Like part of our shoes & accessories proceeds go to the foundation, by organising community related activities and by raising
awareness in eg. local and international schools. Do you want to get involved? We would love that! Together we are stronger.