Launched in 2017, Elisabietta began her journey as a shoe brand. “It all started when I lived in London where I was always on the go in ballerinas, which was way more fun and comfortable than in high heels. My love for flat shoes grew by the day. I turned this love into a fashion label.”

Our style is timeless and classic, with a playful twist. Independently run by Elsbeth Blekkenhorst-Tammes, in 2018 the collection was expanded with accessories. In 2020, during the pandemic Elsbeth made the purposeful decision to create a sustainable dress collection made from plant-based fabrics. “I was not able to find consciously made, high quality pieces that are fairly priced. Fashion that you can wear all day, everyday and that makes you look good and feel good wherever you go.”

Today, we offer a conscious and lasting collection, crafted from sustainable materials and fabrics ethically made by our makers around the world.

All items I create I wear myself. Feminine and floaty dress designs, that you can wear with our shoe collection and accessories. To step out in style that effortlessly takes you throughout your day. I want you to feel fashionable, empowered and confident.


Elisabietta is a mix of my two names: Elsbeth and Elizabeth. It reflects the styles I design for you: classic and timeless with a twist.


All our collections are designed in-house. My Dutch heritage and my love for travelling, colourful and classic prints and the Middle East where I live are all woven into my designs. Resulting in classic and unique prints to wear to any occasion, all day and everyday. The pieces are made around the globe, from Portugal to India to the Philippines.

Each and every collection we make, craftsmanship is at its core. I highly value traditional techniques used in our production that give you a long-lasting product of high quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. I carefully choose the skilled crafts(wo)men we work with ensuring a unique and detailed product using technique, style, and quality of working. Unique and one off collections, made in small runs.


We believe in timeless and slow fashion, sustainably and ethically made to last – preserving the traditional techniques of the artisans who make our collections. Pieces that are designed to make women look elegant and feel confident. And at the same time practical with a comfortable fit.


We are all about slow fashion, ethically made. Throughout the year we launch our collections that you can wear any season. Accordingly, we take responsibility for our planet and its people. We closely work with our suppliers and makers to ensure sustainable and ethical practices are followed throughout. And together, we are constantly improving these practices. That’s how we get a little greener every single day! Step by step. Read more here about our WORLD OF RESPONSIBLE FASHION.

We highly value openness and transparency. It’s all about how the pieces are made and who made them. Therefore, we are very proud of our very short supply chain. From shoemaking to block printing to stitching, for each trait they all work in the same place. I work very closely with each one of them and stay in close touch about the entire process. I proudly share with you who our makers are. Click HERE to get to know them!


Each and every piece I design are made with love and care. Our styles are seasonless, of high quality, practical and have a comfortable fit to wear longer, passed on and reused. An item in which you feel you and that you want to treasure forever. That’s why I’ve put together the best CARE TIPS for you to wear your pieces for many years to come.

With much love, Elsbeth xx