Meet our makers from around the globe! Find out all about the people who make our collections and where they are in the world. From Portugal to India to the Philippines, our makers are amazingly talented crafts(wo)men with a passion for traditional techniques. At Elisabietta, there are no middle men. We directly and very closely work with each and every maker.

shoemaking Guimaraes Portugal



We are very proud to sell shoes with the label Made in Portugal. A beautiful history of shoemaking where handicraft, design and high quality is at its core.

We work with a family-run workshop where their key focus is on traditional shoes handcrafted by Portuguese artisans. When we design a new collection every detail is closely considered. The design and elegance but also comfort must work with technology and handicraft to offer you that exceptional pair of shoes.

For centuries Portugal’s shoemakers have been crafting some of the finest footwear across the world. The term Made in Portugal has long been a guarantee of quality craftsmanship in the shoemaking field. Portuguese shoemakers have long been passing on traditional leather craft and cobbling skills from generation to generation. In Guimarães in the north, families of shoemakers are still producing footwear using traditional methods.

Today, consumers look for high quality and unique designs above fast fashion, especially since the pandemic. The love for lasting craft, style and slow fashion, that’s what we offer to you!



We closely work with a small workshop that employs an amazing group of very skilled artisans from the villages around Jaipur. We make our clothes from  environmentally-friendly materials. For our dress collection we use Modal, a plant-based textile. The material is soft, durable and 100% biodegradable. Before the block printing process begins the fabric is washed first to remove all the starch.

The traditional process of hand block printing on textiles has been practiced in Jaipur for hundreds of years. The art of block printing has been passed down from generation to generation within families and communities. Designs are very carefully carved by hand into the wooden blocks. The physical block is the design for a single repeat which is then stamped in rows across the fabric. Each color in the design is carved into a separate block. Block carving is in itself an art requiring years of apprenticeship to gain mastery and is done entirely by hand.

Jaipur block printing
Delhi stitching



Very close to Delhi there’s an amazing lady, Ira who runs her tailoring workshop with a passion. Her staff are amazingly skilled tailors with a vast experience in start to finish of garment making. From pattern cutting, stitching, to tailoring. It’s all happening in the same place meaning less movement which is a little step closer to more sustainability.

Each piece is hand-made, with love, care and passion. And with a perfect eye for detail. The colour of the buttons matching the prints, the belt, the collar, and the sleeves – all in excellent harmony with the design.



Together we can make a difference! By collaborating with Notadaydream we have created our pouch collection. Through our collaboration we proudly help supporting the women of Tondo, Manila.

Notadaydream is a social enterprise in the Philippines that empowers women through the creation and marketing of unique handmade accessories with beautiful, handwoven textiles from the Philippines. The products are made by ambitious women from Tondo, Manila who are able to send their children to school because they can work as bagmakers.

Notadaydreams supports and empowers women in the local weaving communities in the Philippines by using only local handwoven fabrics in their sustainable line of products. Owners Sheri and Martine’s mission is: empower women, empowered women. They believe it’s all about a circle of empowerment. #givebag

Notadaydream Tondo bagmaker


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