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Behind The Scenes – New Shoe Collection

behind the scenes photoshoot new collection

New shoe collection from Portugal! I’d love to share with you our mesmerising shoes from our new shoemaker. We just launched and they are right here for you.


When designing the shoes I had no season in mind, just how you could style them with any piece in your wardrobe (and soon with our dresses!). Timeless designs, with a playful twist. A small collection per style, offering you a unique pair of shoes.

Behind the scenes photoshoot


For the photoshoot I asked my friend Estelle; she has a classic look which I was after to create the look and feel of this collection. Estelle is from France and I asked her to throw in some of her Parisian styles, and her quirkiness.

Estelle photoshoot


For every photoshoot I’m always a little nervous. How’s the location and the light, does it actually work with what I had in mind for the styling of the shoes, can we capture our model from the right angles? I never worry about my photographer Marie-Jose, she’s just brilliant and knows exactly how I want the photos to turn out!


This collection we shot at the W Hotel, Doha. We chose late afternoon for the light effects – on the top floor, in their gallery with an industrial yet classy look.

W Hotel Doha

I hope you love our new shoe collection as much as I do!

Elsbeth xx

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